Training & Education

The HRB – Stroke Clinical Trials Network, Ireland (SCTNI) Training and Education strand is focused on developing initiatives that meet the training and educational needs of SCTNI members and fulfill the requirements of developing, conducting, analysing and reporting SCTNI trials. The training and educational initiatives of the Network are driven by training needs analyses conducted through the network.

Specific training and education strands include:

Clinical trials design and methods – In collaboration with NUIG (MSc in Clinical Research (lead: Professor Martin O’Donnell) and HRB-TMRN (lead: Professor Declan Devane), education and training in trials design and methodology are available.

Clinical trials delivery and management –In collaboration with Deirdre Hyland (RCSI), Jeremy Towns (St. James’s Hospital CRC), and ICON, training in Good Clinical Practice and training days in the practice of running and managing clinical trials are available.

Biostatistics – In collaboration with CSTAR, HRB-TMRN and the SPHeRE Programme, training and education in biostatistics and analysis of clinical trials are available.

Population Health & Health-Services Research – In collaboration with the SPHeRE Programme (co-director: Professor Anne Hickey), education and training are available on health outcomes assessment, application of clinical trial findings to populations, and policy and practice implications of clinical research findings.

The goal of the Network is to facilitate training and education to its members in a manner that is flexible, accessible and relevant. As such, the network will support access to a range of training and education activities from which members can choose, with as much content as possible delivered in an online delivery format, with face-to-face sessions available to complement and reinforce online content.

Education and training will be provided in the form of stand-alone seminars, workshops, or courses and, where possible, accredited modules with potential to be incorporated into Higher Diploma, MSc, or PhD degrees.