The CONVINCE Team would like to thank all patients and study teams for their participation in the trial.

We look forward to publishing the trial results. They will be published here on the SCTNI website from June 2024.

We expect that the trial will also be presented at ESOC 2024

ESOC2024 – European Stroke Organisation (

We will also circulate the results of the trial to all study sites by email when they are available.

A patient would like to continue to take colchicine after the CONVINCE Trial ends, is this possible?

Unfortunately as the trial has ended, the patient can no longer be provided with colchicine by the CONVINCE Study Team at their hospital. Patients should contact their GP and discuss their ongoing treatment with them. Note that low dose colchicine is available widely in Europe for prevention of gout and other forms of arthritis.

GPs: My patient has ended the trial, what now?

Now that the trial has ended, it is not possible for the trial team to indefinitely continue to supply colchicine to trial participants. Depending on the results of the trial (not yet available but expected by June 2024), you may wish to consider prescribing low dose colchicine after discussion with your patient. However, please note that this is not required by current treatment guidelines.

Where will the trial results be published?

Trial results will be published on the website, CONVINCE section, by June 2024

Should you have any questions please contact